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Strategic Planning for
Brand Reputation

In the era of ultra-specialised-single-focused professionals working mostly in their own tunnel blick perspective, it is important not to put all the focus on data and campaign-performances, but also to keep the whole Brand and its strategies, messages and channels integrated and performing as a whole functional living system.

Your consumer is not only an IP address on your analytics or an interaction on social media, therefore should also be impacted beyond the screen and experience the brand tangibly.

Your brand should also create impact beyond the screen: environmental impact, social impact, fair-trade and sustainable value chains. Building a solid reputation means “share of heart”.

As an experienced strategic planner and communications specialist, I offer highly-qualified and performance-oriented strategic consultancy, using self-developed methodologies, with a holistic approach in communications and marketing, focusing primarily on cross-media convergence and building brand reputation.




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Services and areas of practice

Marketing & Advertising

Need a communication plan for your brand, including classic Advertising, online Media and content strategies? Want to review your Marketing plan? Looking for a Branding specialist?

csr & sponsorship

Want to start creating social changes, or building a sustainable value chain? How about sponsoring arts and cultural events? Are you a project or an Institution looking for sponsors?

promotion & brand activation

Want to interact with your target-audience directly through events, point of sale activation or even with an unexpected guerrilla action?

translation & localisation

Does your corporate and marketing content in German, English or Spanish need to be translated in Brazilian Portuguese?

project & account management

Is the business growing too fast, got too many accounts and need someone to bring order to the chaos?

brazilian market & insights

Launching your product in the Brazilian market and need a full strategy to reach the right audience and speak their language?


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